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Malad (West).

The complete process and execution of Interiors with Modular Furniture was done in his flat. The design element was to match the creative ideology of his musical background. As he is a Guitarist by profession, it was his aim to bring his passion into his living. It was a challenge to bring his Two Bedroom Household, which was on rent, to a Single Bedroom Residence, which was his newly owned. As each and every person creates his Dream Home to spend his entire lifetime in a very smooth and enjoyable manner.

The selection of materials from his Living Area till his Bedroom were designed to match his Musical behavior. The colors were not vibrant, as he is fond of Yellow Lights which should be created in such a way to create a sense of indirect lighting. As each and every client is different, but the initial understandings were completely made clear from his side and the rest were his beautiful emotions and words which made us feel about the completion of his beautiful dream which we tried to bring in reality.

  • Work DoneTotal Infrastructure
  • Duration2 Week